Wireless Router Stop Working – Quick Troubleshoot

Wireless Router Stop Working – Quick Troubleshoot

Does your Wireless Router stop working unexpectedly?

Here, we are providing a to-the-point reference for dealing with some of the most common router issues.

Deal with the Solutions – Wireless Router Not Working

Now,  start with its troubleshooting……….Wireless router stop working!!!!!

Solution 1: Reboot the Router 

Most of the technical issues are resolved by only rebooting. If you have any issue with your wireless router then reboot it.

Reboot the Router

Steps to reboot the Router…

– Unplug power cord from the WiFi router.

– Remove the battery.

– Now, wait at least 60 seconds, re-insert your battery and reconnect modem again.

– Last, until you wait two minutes to allow the modem to power up.

Solution 2: Check the Overheating 

Like other electronic devices, router can also overheat. Overheating can damage your router and make it unstable. Then, you need to protect your router from overheating.

Follow below tips:

1. Do not place your modem directly in sunlight.

2. Do not place anything on the router.

3. Place the modem on an always-flat surface.

4. Use an AC to drop the room temperature.

Solution 3: Verify Cable Securely Connected 

Most of the time, an issue arises due to cable disconnected with your device. Someone may have accidentally pulled on or kicked the cable, causing it to become loose or unplug.

Verify Cable Securely Connected 


You must have to check all the cables that are inserted in your router.

1. First, check cable between router and modem, next check cable between modem and wall socket. Check they all are connected with well manners or not.

2. Ensure that all Ethernet cable plugged into the back of the router.

3. Now, Check each end of the cable and ensure that it is connected strongly.

Solution 4: Reposition the Router

Due to a signal issue, the router is not working. So, change the position of your Router.

Ensure that nothing is blocking the wireless signal, especially microwaves or some types of cordless devices.

Ensure that the router antenna is positioned vertical rather than horizontal. A vertical antenna will give the best signal as well as cover a large surface area

Solution 5: Change the Wireless Channel 

In your location, there are lots of routers nearby, like apartments and offices. Then, there are huge chances your router is subject to interference from other routers sending signals on the same wireless frequency.

In this condition, determine the best wireless channel for your area.

Steps to change wireless channel:

– Open a web browser on your device.

– Enter http://www.routerlogin.net.

– Type Username and password. (Username is “admin” and password is “password”).

– Now, select the Wireless Setting.

– Next, wireless page display, you have to choose Region from the menu.

– After selecting the region, select a number from the Channel menu.

– Further, click the Apply button.

Solution 6: Reset Your Router to Factory Default Settings

Wireless router won’t work, then you want to reset your router.

Reset Your Router to Factory Default Settings

For your convenience, we explain below steps – how to reset Your Router….

– Make sure, your router is powered on

– Locate your router reset button, usually, it is in on the back or bottom of the router

– With the help of paper clip, press and hold reset button at least 30 seconds

– Release the button

– Wait for the router power comes back on

I hope the above solutions will help to resolve router not working problems.

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