Windows Operating System Stopped Responding – Help Guide!

Windows Operating System Stopped Responding – Help Guide!

An annoying message prompts on your screen “Windows Operating system stopped responding” after upgrading Windows.

After several tried solutions, you are unable to find the right solution for Windows not working problem.

Then, get started on this expedition, here are six things you can do to fix Window OS problems.

Note – Mostly, this error comes across when you are upgrading your Window operating system.

Now get started with reasons and its solutions….!!!

Causes and Solutions on Windows Operating System Stopped Working

Possible solutions to rectify Windows OS not working problem.

Case 1: Not Enough Space to Install Window Updates

Begin with freeing up your device space before upgrading the Window operating system.

If you want a quick way to free up your space, then use MYcleanPC app and clear all cache from your PC.

Not Enough Space to Install Window Updates

Another way to deal with this problem is auto free up space on your hard drive and SSD.

– Click on the “Window Start button” of your System.

– Choose “All Programs” option.

– Select the Accessories then, select “System Tool.”

– Click on “Disk Clean-up” option.

– Now, choose the “delete” option from under the files.

– Next, choose file, which you want to delete.

– Right click on the chosen file, opt delete option, and click on “OK” button.

We hope that after applying above steps, you will be able to free up your device space by deleting and removing files.

Case 2: PC Boots Slowly

There are a number of reasons for PC boots slowly. Usually, this error comes up because of Malware. So  check malware or malicious programs  into your system and remove them.

PC Boots Slowly

To Check Malware: 

– Click on Window + I keys together.

– Choose the Update and Security option.

– Select “Window Defender.”

– Now, click on the “Window Defender” option -> click on “Scan now” button to scan your PC.

Once scanning process finished, follow on screen instructions for further process.

Check out troubleshooting guide on Computer running slow

Case 3: File Open in the Wrong Application

Computer may reset the setting after a Windows update. Moreover, this might lead to the problem of opening files in the wrong application.

Do this to resolve this issue:

– Right click on the Window Start button -> Open “Setting.”

– Now, choose the “App” option from the menu list.

– Choose the option “Default app” on the left pane of screen.

Case 4: Too Much Notification /Windows OS Stopped Working

Notification gives the alert messages but most of the time you are irritated when you are not interested in it. Then, stop it.

Too Much Notification Windows OS Stopped Working

Stop notifications from your system:

– Go to “Start menu” -> choose “Setting” option.

– Now, click on “System” -> choose “Notification and Action”.

– Use the toggle switch to Control App notification. You can set as per on app.

Case 5: Privacy Setting is Not Right for You 

Default Window operating system Setting is better. But most of the time, they’re likely to allow too much access to personal data.

To do that:

– Go to the “Start” menu -> choose “Setting” option.

– Choose the “Privacy & Security” option.

– Now, go through each section in the left hand side

– Review every Setting and adjust them according to your preference with the toggle switch.

Case 6: System Restore Missing

The System Restore option is turned off by default. To turn it on by applying below steps:

System Restore Missing

– Go to start menu ->  type “System Restore” in the search bar.

– Click on create a restore point.

– When you see, “System Properties” then click on “System Protect” tab.

– Make sure, C drive is selected and press configure.

– Click the Radio button to turn on System protection.

I hope recommended solutions will definitely help to fix Windows operating system stopped responding problems.

If you want to know more about technical Queries then, read our other troubleshooting guides and get accurate resolution for your concern!!

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