Unable to Get Emails on iPhone – How to Troubleshoot?

Unable to Get Emails on iPhone – How to Troubleshoot?

Unable to get emails on iPhone device?

Many time users try different things to troubleshoot email problems but can’t do that;

Whatever, here we represent a troubleshooting blog that will take you through a number of solutions to fix can’t get email problems on iPhone.

Let’s begin;

Troubleshoot – Unable to Get Emails on iPhone

Start with basic Steps – when you unable to get emails on iPhone

Make sure that your phone is connected to high-speed internet. If you see, there is a problem with your internet connection then reset your network properties and try to reconnect again.

To troubleshoot internet issue, check guide when your internet won’t connect

Sometimes email issues arise due to device problem, so we recommend trying to login your email on different device.

Note – If you are backing up emails through iCloud or iTunes – only backup your email setting, not individual emails backing up.

In case, you edit or delete email settings then previously emails that you have downloaded  may be removed from your device.

Solution 1 : Check Email and Password are Correct 

Wrong password is a very common problem with any account. So, make sure you have entered the correct username and password to login your email account.

By chance, you have changed email password in another device then you will need to change your password on your iPhone too.

Solution 2: Check iOS Mail Fetch 

The terms “push” and “fetch” refer how your email gets to your iPhone or iPad. If push is not available then your account will default to the fetch system.

These system settings impact how your phone receives emails. To adjust them: 

– Open Apple “setting.”

– Click on the “password and account” section.

– Then, Scroll down and click on “Fetch New Data” option.

– Now, you are able to enable “push” setting and can control how often data is fetched.

Solution 3: Check your Mail Settings – Can’t get emails on iPhone

Check prudently iPhone Account Setting-

1. Go to “Settings” -> Click on  “Password and Account” option.

2. Select “Email Setting” -> select “Account” settings at the top of next page.

3. Now, you will be able to see incoming and outgoing mail servers.

Solution 4: Check your Notification Settings

Ensure that mail Notification Settings is enabled.

To do this: 

– Open your iPhone device.

– Go to “Setting” ->  Select “Notification” option.

– Click on “Mail”.

– Now, select the email account.

– Click on notification option ( If Email notification is off then “Turn on” it.)

Solution 5: Check your Outbox 

If you’re not getting mail then, check your outbox mail section.

To do following steps: 

– Open your Mail app and hit on “Mail boxes” in the upper left corner of the screen.

– Find the Outbox folder,  If there is not any message in your outbox  means your email successfully sent.

– If  email is in the unsent box, then ensure that your recipient’s address is correct.

– Tap” send” to try sending Email again.

Solution 6: Remove and Add your Email Account Again 

If none of the above solutions work, then remove your email account and try to add again on your iPhone.

Stay tuned with steps –

1. On iPhone, Open “Setting” option.

2. Tap on the “Password and Account” option -> Click on Mail, Contacts &  Calendars.

3. Now, open Accounts -> Select the account address which you want to remove.

4. Click on delete account.

5. Now, add your account again.

If you forget how to add an account in Email then take help from experts.