Speed Up Google Chrome Browser – Try Out Tech Tricks

Speed Up Google Chrome Browser – Try Out Tech Tricks

Do you want to speed up Google Chrome web browser?

Chrome gets sluggish or very slow due to installed extensions on Windows, Macs and Chromebooks. So, to speed up chrome remove installed extensions you don’t truly need. 

Here’s how to optimize it for fast speed…. With tips and tricks that help you to boost speed

Causes – Slow Speed Up Google Chrome 

There are some of the reasons when Google Chrome loads slow or web pages also load very slow in Chrome browser.

Some common issues with slow web browsing or web browsers are: cluttered temporary internet files, Malware functions or programs, Unwanted extensions or add-ons that you have downloaded from google chrome store.

Besides these, other possible reasons that make slow speed up browser chrome

– Unstable or disruptive internet connection

– Due to background apps and digital download

– When your software and programs keep updating.

– Limited local storage and hardware support is the reason.

– When you have inflicting Google Chrome Extensions 

– Web Browser have lots of cache and data 

– You have outdated version of Google Chrome

Ways to Speed Up your Chrome Browser

Here’s most of the reliable tips and tricks to speed up Google Chrome on your PC or Computer. Let’s take an instant look below to fix Chrome’s running slow problem.

Solution 1: Update Chrome Web Browser 

Google Chrome works very fast if you have the latest version of Chrome. So, it is necessary to keep google chrome update. 

Open Chrome Browser -> Click three vertical lines for options and Settings -> Navigate to Help > About Google Chrome -> Chrome automatically check the latest update.

If a new update version is available, it will ask to relaunch, once update is completed. 

Solution 2: Close Unused Tabs to Speed up Google Chrome 

When you have more tabs open, it seems harder for Chrome to work, So, we recommend closing the unnecessary tabs. 

1. On the tab, click on the Close X icon.

2. For Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + W

Solution 3: Clear Chrome Browser Cache 

Overloaded cache can slow down Chrome browser speed. So, remove or delete all cache, cookies and temporary files from the Web browser.

Follow steps to clear cache on the Chrome:

1. Open your Chrome Browser

2. Click on the three vertical icon -> Settings -> Look “Clear Browser Data” -> Basic and Advanced Tab -> Select Time Range -> Delete or Remove  All Cache data 

Solution 4: Perform the Reset to Speed Up Chrome 

If Chrome continues sluggish speed and web page not loading on browser then perform the reset browser to its default settings. 

To do that: 

Open Google Chrome -> Tap on three Vertical Icon -> Settings -> Advanced -> Reset and Clean Up -> Restore settings to their original defaults -> Reset Settings.

Solution 5: Check your Internet Speed 

Make sure your internet connection is good and working fine. Because of poor internet connection, Google Chrome gets slow. 

To fix internet problem, read troubleshooting guide

Ways to Fix When your Internet Won’t Connect

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Solution 6: Run a Malware Scan

Before performing any troubleshooting, ensure your Computer system doesn’t have malware or malicious programs. Because of these malicious programs, your Computer or Web browser becomes slow. 

So, use the Antivirus tool to scan malware from the system. 

Need assistance? Feel free to ask technicians and boost the speed of your Google Chrome browser. .

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