Router WiFi Authentication Error (Windows & Android) – Solved

Router WiFi Authentication Error (Windows & Android) – Solved

Have you experienced Router WiFi Authentication Error on Windows or Android?


Most users reported that “I can’t connect to my WiFi, when I try to connect it will display an WiFi Authentication Error”…. What should I do?

This problem arises due to wrong password or low signal or interference, Power Settings and Wireless settings.

Whatever, don’t be panic; In this post, we will evaluate all fixes on WiFi authentication problems with its step by step process.

Let’s take a look at why Router authentication failed issues happen….!!!!!

Why Does WiFi Authentication Error Occur with Router ?

There could be multiple reasons that show WiFi authentication failure problems on Windows and Android. Let’s figure out its possible causes/reasons…

1: This could be due to two things such as password/passphrase might be incorrect.

2: Maybe you have changed the type of authentication (WEP to WPA2 etc).

3: Due to low integrity radio link will exhibit as an authentication problem. 

4: When your Router and the device have mismatch authentication type.

5: IP address and DNS server problem arise WiFi authentication error.

6: Wrong configuration of your Computer/PC or Device. Wrong SSID.

7: Network Settings issues.

8: When you update your device, this issue might be with its drivers.

9: By mistakenly, if you have enabled airplane mode, then you will see an authentication error. 

10: Router Malfunction

11: Exceed the number of users that use the network limit.

12: Might be your WiFi adapter is somehow damaged.

Let’s try the following methods if it helps to fix the WiFi problem….!!!

Fix Router Authentication Problem on Windows 

There are plenty of solutions on WiFi authentication error. So, without hassle, start the troubleshooting process.. 

* Firstly, restart your Windows PC.

* Try to power on and off your Router.

* Reset WiFi Router

* Ensure Airplane Mode is off.

* Check your WiFi password that you entered.

* Try unplugging your Modem and Router, wait for a few seconds then plug in again.

* WiFi authentication problem arises due to IP conflict. So, modify the wireless network setting from DHCP(default) to Static IP. 

* Make sure your Windows PC  is on the latest version.

* Due to Malware attack, your device shows Router WiFi authentication error. So, modify your password quickly.

* This is in fact, few Modems or Routers support only a certain number of devices. I recommend you check how many devices you can connect to the network.

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WiFi Authentication Error on Android – Answer

There are times when users get an authentication error while they connect to a WiFi network.

Let’s check solutions for Android: “Why does my WiFi keep saying authentication error?”

Solution 1: Reset WiFi Connection

This is the option to fix Authentication error – Reset WiFi Connection. 

To do that: 

On your Android phone: Go to Settings -> Find Wireless and Network -> Tap on WiFi option-> From the list of WiFi, select WiFi you want -> once popup menu show, choose to Forget Network -> Try to reconnect WiFi again by typing the password. 

Solution 2: Android System Repair 

Android system repair is one of the considered ways to fix authentication problems. 

With the help of Android system repair, you can solve lots of problems such as mobile phone work slowly, memory is completely full, programs don’t work properly, device temperature is going up dramatically.

To fix authentication or other problems, download Repair System for Android

Solution 3: Update Android Firmware to the Latest

When you are using an outdated OS version of your Android phone may create connection problems. To rectify this issue, you need to update your Android Firmware to the latest version.

For this:

Open “Settings” of your Android phone -> “About Phone” option. 

Check “System Update” option. If any update is available then update it.

Solution 4: Change Security Protocol

Try to change security protocol. 

If you have the username and password of your Router then change the security protocol. 

For example: 

If it’s WPA, change it to WPA2 on the hotspot. After, try to reconnect the WiFi network. 

Solution 5: Change Wireless Network Configuration from DHCP to Static

Fix this issue by changing network settings from DHCP to Static.

For that: 

Open Android device Settings -> Choose WiFi Connection -> Long press on WiFi name & choose Modify Network.

Check “Show Advanced Settings” -> IP Settings -> Change the Network from DHCP to Static.

Further, you will appear an IP address field below -> Save the information i.e. Static IP then delete it.

After a few seconds, re-enter the same information, save it. 

Solution 6: Delete Obsolete Files

Delete obsolete files if the problem is rectified. For Rooted Device Only…

First off, download and install ES File Explorer on your Smartphone -> Give it root permissions if asked.

Go to Root Explorer from Menu -> Next, go to /data/misc/dhcp/

Further, delete all the files present there.

Once files are deleted, reboot your device and check if the problem is solved. 

Hope this post will help you to troubleshoot Router WiFi authentication error on Windows and Android device. 

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