Recover or Reset Telus Webmail Password – Mail Login Issue

Recover or Reset Telus Webmail Password – Mail Login Issue

Are you finding how to reset Telus webmail password? 

Well, Telus webmail is used by lots of users nowadays because of its excellent email service. But sometimes, Telus users have forgotten password or type incorrect one. 

They might experience issues with the “Wrong password” message or can’t access Telus mail account.

In this situation, you have two options to reset Telus account password i.e. 

Recovery mobile number or Recovery email address

It totally depends on you how you want to recover your Telus password. 

Let’s find methods to recover Telus webmail password…..!!!!

Add a Recovery Email – Webmail

Setting or adding recovery email will make it easier to reset webmail password. Let’s focus on key points on how you can add a recovery email.

– Log into your Telus webmail account

– If you are logging in for the first time into your Telus account, it will prompt you to add a recovery email or recovery mobile number. 

– If you are not a first time login user then go to Preferences > Security > Password in the left hand side of your webmail and enter your alternate recovery email or phone number. 

Try Methods to Reset Telus Email Password 

In case, you have lost or forgot your webmail password and can’t proceed then you have two ways to recover password i.e. using email or mobile number.

Further then, read this guide to fix the Telus webmail password problem.

Case I: Reset Telus Webmail Password Using Email

To reset Telus email password, use added recovery email. 

Open browser and navigate to page 

– Next, click on the “Forgot?” You will see it on the right hand side. 

– Type your Email address and verify you are not a robot.

– Further click on the ”Submit” button. 

– Once submitted, A recovery link will be sent to your email address.

– Open your email and copy or open the reset password link.

– Enter new password with instructions such as (at least 8 character long, 1 special character, 1 number, 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase )

– After confirming the password, click on “Continue”.

– Once your password reset, it will automatically redirect to your Telus webmail page.

– Now, you can login with email and new password.

Case 2: Use Phone Number to Reset Telus Password 

Similar as above, open the Telus webmail login page and further select the “forgot” option. 

You need to enter your Telus email address first.

Further, you will receive a passcode from Telus in recovery mobile number.

Submit passcode on the Telus account recovery page.

Now, reset Telus webmail password by following instructions and type unique password combination in the given box.

Verify your password and login with regular email and new password.

Case 3: Change Password

1. First off, type in the address bar of the browser. 

2. Login with required credentials i.e. email and password.

3. Navigate to the “Preference Tab”.

4. Click on ‘General’ left hand side -> see sign-in option.

5. Tap on ‘Change password’ -> New page will appear on the screen.

6. Now, type your old password as well as the new password. 

7. Select ‘Change password’.

Hence, you can reset Telus email account password by following the above procedure. Apart from that, if you fail to reset Telus password then contact the experts team.

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