My Facebook Account Is Disabled – How to Recover It?

My Facebook Account Is Disabled – How to Recover It?

My Facebook account is disabled – how can I recover it?

If something like this has happened to you, we have a blog that will help you to resolve this issue.

Read every detail carefully; or recover a disable Facebook account back without any hassle.

About Facebook Disable Account Recovery – Reasons 

Before going ahead to the recovery process of Facebook disable account. Just have a look at the reasons that might have caused disablement to your FB account.

– Account with fake profile name is the reason to disable your account

– You might have been impersonating someone

– Posting the content that does not follow the Facebook terms and conditions

– Continuously violation of FB terms, even after warning

– If other people report your account then, your account disabled forever.

– Contacting people for posting, dating, harassment, promoting and other conduct that’s not allowed

How to Recover Self-disabled FB account?

To solve your issue, follow the below steps that we have been explain:

– Open your browser or Facebook app -> Navigate to the Facebook sign-in page -> Enter your account access credentials.

– Get access into your account and then a message shown on your screen that says – Cancel Deletion or Confirm Deletion.

– Click on the Cancel Deletion option and after that, you can use your account for as long as you want.

If your Account is disabled by Facebook then, you need to understand below key facts.

Note: Actually, the “Disable” is two types, Temporary Account Disable and Permanent Account Disable.

Now, you have to identify which case is yours……

Case 1: Temporary Account Disable 

Temporary account disable will display a message such as “Account Disables” while you try to log in your face book account.

Case 2: Permanent Account Disable 

Keep in your mind one thing before going towards; if your account is permanently disabled by facebook then, you have no any chance to get back to active.

If your account is temporary disabled then, you can recover it by following methods:-

Method to Recover Disable Facebook Account 

Important: If you want to retrieve your temporarily disabled account, you need to show your identity proof that proof must be on your name.

There are a plethora of options to choose from, but if your FB account consists of any fake information that is not available on your identity proof then, there is no any chance to get back your account.

Let us proceed

Form 1- 

– Open the browser and go to the link that we described above.

– Now, enter the email id or Mobile number that is associated with Facebook account

– And, type your Full Name

– Click on “Choose File” and then select the ID proof from the list

– Click on Send option

Form 2-

– Open your web browser and go with above mentioned link

– Type the Full Name

– Select your Date and Birth

– In the “Additional Information”, Enter a justified reason

– Next, enter the Mail address and phone number

– Click on send option

After filling the form, wait at least for one week. Alternatively, check your email and try to login to your Facebook account.

Note: Do not send the appeal more than once, as it will make you look like spam. So, give time to get back your account.