My Phone Keeps Losing Network Connection – Tips & Tricks

My Phone Keeps Losing Network Connection – Tips & Tricks

Are you suffering from the “My phone keeps losing network connection” problem?

No worry! Network issues are most common nowadays. Because everyone is on the internet and daily needs a network connection.

Sometimes, you can’t access any programs, apps, website or can’t load an instant app, you might have bad internet connection.

To fix internet problems on the phone, you need to identify and understand its reasons/causes….!!!!

Some Queries Addressed By Users

There could be a number of queries that are addressed by users. So, take an instant look at the below queries..

– My phone suddenly keep losing internet access

– The Internet keeps disconnecting from the Phone.

– My phone is not connected to the Internet.

– Why is the Internet not connected to my phone?

– Why does my phone say it cannot connect to the internet?

– Mobile network frequently disconnects itself

– My phone keeps losing/dropping signal

Signs of My Phone Keeps Losing Network Signal

A disruptive Internet connection is frustrating, but here are some symbols when you see your internet suddenly dropping:-

– Downloading will stop or not start.

– Time out connection

– Can’t load any web pages in a browser.

– There is no Internet connection

– 404 Page not Found

– You have lost the connection….

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Some Reasons on Internet Signal Keep Dropping 

There are multiple possible reasons why my phone keeps losing internet connection….The problem could be with your Router, Modem, Network card or Internet provider.

Let’s see what are the causes….

1. Maybe the WiFi network is overloaded. That’s why your Phone disconnects from the network. 

2. Due to wireless Interference with other WiFi hotspots or devices.

3. WiFi adapter outdated drivers.

4. Wireless Router outdated firmware.

5. Wrong configuration setting of Internet

6. Issues with Network card.

7. Problems maybe at the ISP end.

8. Wrong network (SSID) is selected

9. You have entered wrong login credentials

10. Damaged Antenna or radio

11. Incompatibility issue between phone and the Router

12. Power outage 

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Helpful Tips to Resolve Losing Network Connection

There are some things that you need to improve the performance of your internet connection and reduce the chance of internet dropping out. 

Here, we offer a few helpful techniques that might pull back your Internet connection….

1. The most effective and easiest solution is restart your device.

2. If you suspect any new installed app causes connectivity problems then immediately delete the app and see if it helps to improve internet performance.

3. Run your device in safe mode.

4. Try to reset your phone network settings.

(Go to Phone settings app -> Find the ‘Backup and Reset ’ option -> Select ‘Reset Network Settings’)

5. If any other wireless device connected to your WiFi then move away from Router/Modem. See if the problem is solved.

6. Ensure your phone has no compatibility issue with Router or Modem.

7. Unplug cable of your Router and plug in back to see whether the internet connected or not.

8. To fix this issue, just update the driver or firmware of your device.

9. Sometimes hardware problems i.e. faulty Router or Modem arises network dropping problems. 

10. Try this one – Toggle Airplane mode on and off that your device attempts to connect. 

11. Sometimes, your smartphone is far away from the Router/Modem; In this situation, move closer to your device  to the Router and try to connect again. 

Hence, you can troubleshoot my phone keeps losing network connection problems easily. If these troubleshooting tips don’t help you, take assistance from experts.