Fix Outlook Email Login Problems – Evaluate Solutions

Fix Outlook Email Login Problems – Evaluate Solutions

Encounter Outlook email login problems while sign in?

The error message “Something went wrong and we can’t sign you in right now; Please try again later”. 

Don’t worry;

This is not a big issue; There can be plenty technical faults that may create problems in handling Outlook email account. 

Browser Settings or System Settings could be the reason when you find trouble to access Outlook email account. 

Read this article, identify and understand its causes and apply troubleshooting. 

Some Similar Issues Reported by Users:

Outlook Login problem makes users frustrated. This login issue can be any type. Below are some similar issues reported by users:

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– Something went wrong Outlook 365

– Can’t sign into my Hotmail account

– Outlook something went wrong and your search couldn’t be completed

– Something went wrong and Outlook couldn’t set up your account 

– Can’t log into Outlook web app

– Outlook won’t open error 

– I cannot log into my Outlook email account

Requirement to Login Outlook Email

Before you start, Just take a look at basic requirements you need to login to your Outlook email account. 

– One of the first requirement – good and stable internet connection.

– Accurate login credentials i.e. Username and Password.

– Compatibility of System.

– Your browser should be free from bugs and viruses. 

Causes – Outlook Sign In Problems

If you are unable to login into Outlook account then identify its causes before performing troubleshooting on Outlook email login problems

1. Incorrect username and password is the cause of login error.

2. Your internet connection is not good or stable.

3. Maybe Outlook server is down or not working properly. 

4. Firewall Settings.

5. Due to corrupted files in browser and other 

6. The browser has gone outdated.

7. An Outlook account might be hacked by someone.

8. Incorrect email server Settings 

9. Due to overloaded cache, cookies and temporary files.

10. Security issues create problems to access account.

Initial Basic Fixes on Outlook Email Login Problems

To access or get back an Outlook account quickly, try given basic troubleshooting. 

– Verify Caps lock is turned off and you have typed correct login credentials.

– Check Outlook server status.

– Clear browser cache, cookies and history to resolve login issues.

– You can try to login from a different Internet browser. 

– When your account is not active for a long period of time. 

Troubleshoot Email Login Problems on Outlook 

Still, if something went wrong with your Outlook email login account then perform given troubleshooting to access your email account. 

Solution 1: Incorrect Server Issue

If you are using any third party email software like Microsoft office Outlook, Windows Live mail, Mozilla Thunderbird etc.  You find trouble while login because of an incorrect address (incoming and outgoing server).

So, it is necessary for you to check on which server you are using Hotmail/Outlook email login, IMAP or POP. 

Also, make sure you are typing accurate login credentials for your email account. 

Solution 2: Update your Browser 

Due to the outdated browser, you see ‘something went wrong’ error. So, update your browser to rectify the Outlook login problem.

To do that: 

– Open Google Chrome browser -> Click on the three dot vertical in the top right side corner.

– Go to ‘Help’ Option -> Click on ‘About Google Chrome’.

– If there is no update available, means your browser is up to date. If any update is available then it will automatically get installed. 

Solution 3: Delete the Files from your Outlook Directory

To fix the login problem, delete the files from the Outlook directory. 

Steps for deleting files…

– Press Windows + R altogether.

– A dialog box will appear -> type %localappdata% in the Run box.

– Tap on the OK button -> go to the Microsoft\Outlook directory.

– Delete tmp and XML files 

– Further, go to 16 directories to delete all the files.

Solution 4: Forgotten Your Password 

It is common when you have forgotten your password. In this situation, you need to create a new password for your Outlook account. 

– Navigate to the reset your password page.

– Next, choose the reason why you can’t sign in then tap Next.

– Enter your email address that you want to recover.

– Click Next. 

– Further, enter the code that you see on the screen -> click Next -> Create a new password.

Solution 5: Outlook Account Blocked 

You got Outlook email login problems due to a blocked account. Fix this by the below process…

– Go to Reset password.spx to get the password. 

– Type email address and type the displayed character on the screen then tap Next.

– Select “Use different verification option”. 

– After getting verification security code, try to change your password. 

If you need more troubleshooting guidance on email login problems then take help from experts. 

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