Mozilla Firefox White Screen Problem | Self-Help Guide

Mozilla Firefox White Screen Problem | Self-Help Guide

Got Mozilla Firefox white screen problem?

One question arose by users why we got blank or white screen on Firefox…!!!

Blank display issues in Firefox are caused by malware such as Trojans, Rogue security programs, and spyware. 

Display problems can lead to malware known as hijacking a browser and promote rogue security problems due to unauthorized redirection of websites. 

Sometimes users complained that they got this error after upgrading to Windows 10.

Throughout this blog, we resolve Firefox blank screen issues with a step by step process. 

Causes – Responsible for White Screen on Firefox

Due to white screen, your Firefox browser is completely unusable. So, get to know the reasons why we face white screen problems on Firefox browser.

– Main reason for this error is that malware or virus programs corrupted the Firefox Settings. 

– Blank screen display when hardware is not compatible with graphics card. 

– After upgrading or updating Windows 10.

– Due to a bug in the recent update of Firefox. 

– Overloaded cache or cookies is the reason of this error 

– Issues with recent system updates or installations

– Poor internet connection may be showing black screen error.

– When your browser is incompatible with system

Indications on Firefox Black or White Screen

It is genuine,  we see some indication or symptoms before any problem. Let’s see what are the indications on Mozilla Firefox white screen… 

1. When you are trying to open any page, it displays a black screen.

2. Whenever you try to load any page in the browser

3. Other browsers (Google Chrome or Internet Explorer) are working properly instead of Firefox.

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Here’s Fix Firefox Suddenly Show White Screen

Sometimes installing, updating plugins might have caused the white screen problem on Firefox. Without wasting time, go through below fixes to get more information. 

Solution 1: Disabling Hardware Acceleration

For clearing the problem, you should try disabling hardware acceleration. Maybe this solution helps to work browser once again smoothly.

To do that; 

Open Firefox -> Click on Menu button -> Select “Options” -> Choose “Advanced” from the options -> Disable “Use Hardware Acceleration when Available” option 

Now, restart your Firefox browser to see if it is working or not.

Solution 2: Start Firefox in Safe Mode

Follow these steps for Firefox in safe mode…

In Firefox Browser -> Go to Settings -> Click on ‘Help’ Menu -> Tap on “Restart with Add-ons Disabled” -> A pop-up will appear, click on Restart -> Further, choose “Start in Safe Mode” option.

Solution 3: Clear Firefox Browser Cache

Clearing the browser cache from Mozilla Firefox might solve the problem. See, how you can clear the cache….

Click on Firefox Menu button -> Options -> Advanced -> Network -> Cached Web Content -> Clear Now

Another way: 

Press “Library” button in Firefox -> Tap on “History” option -> “Clear Recent History option” -> Further, select “Time Range to Clear” the browsing data -> Choose items that you want to clear -> Press “OK”. 

Solution 4: Update Firefox Browser

Outdated version may lead to many problems on browsers. One of the problem, we discuss the Mozilla Firefox white screen   

Update steps:

Click on three dot lines on Mozilla Firefox -> From the Menu list, click on ‘Help’-> ‘About Firefox’ -> Firefox automatically Check for New updates  and download it.

Restart your PC to apply the changes. 

Solution 5: Disable Firefox Add-ons or Extensions 

Sometimes white screen on Firefox caused by incompatible add-ons and disabling them is the right way to fix problems. 

1. Open Firefox browser and Select “Add-ons”  from the Menu options that is located in the left corner of Firefox Windows. 

2. Under Add-ons options -> Choose Extensions 

3. Now, disable or remove all the extensions one by one. 

4. Restart your Firefox browser and see if the problem gets resolved. 

I hope trying the above fixes will definitely help you to resolve black screen problems on Firefox. In case, you still face problems or have questions then feel free to ask us!