MacBook Pro Won’t Turn On or Black Screen [Troubleshoot]

MacBook Pro Won’t Turn On or Black Screen [Troubleshoot]

Is your MacBook Pro won’t turn on or showing black screen? 

No worry; That’s a genuine problem Mac users face when their system is new or old one. 

Users might come across with different queries such as their MacBook Pro won’t start up, iMac doesn’t turn on, MacBook Air won’t boot, Mac won’t start up etc.

If you are one of them, stay tuned on this article and get an incomplete list of reasons and solutions for your MacBook problem. 

List of Causes Why MacBook Pro Won’t Turn On 

There are lots of reasons you might come across Macbooks that don’t turn on. You will try several things to power on your MacBook Pro but failed;

You just need to go through its reason…. Your Macbook is working again. 

– First, check your MacBook Turn on 

– There could be a RAM issue with your Macbook Pro.

– Check the power connection that is plugged in correctly.

– Due to Poor contact between hardware and firmware

– Maybe third-party apps expand black screen on Mac.

– Corrupted system files cause problems.

– Faulty hard drive display black screen.

– Could be a bad logic board or switch.

– Sometimes incompatible login items prevent the Mac turn on.

– Might be a problem related  hardware. 

Few Methods – MacBook Pro Display Black Screen

After taking a look at the reasons, now it is time to troubleshoot MacBook Pro won’t turn on the problem. 

Here’s what to do to fix the failing boot up problem….!!!!

Method 1: Force Restart MacBook Pro or Air

To quickly force restart your Mac, press and hold down the “Command” + “Ctrl” + “Power Button(Touch ID)” command keys on MacBook Pro.

Now, release the button when your system screen goes black.

Wait for a few seconds until the system is restarted.

Method 2: Try Power Cycle if MacBook Pro Won’t Turn On 

This is a good option to enable the power cycle to fix Mac won’t boot. 

To do that: 

1. Keep pressing the power button to shut down your Mac.

2. Now, unplug all the power cables from the power outlet.

3. Hold down the power button for 10 seconds.

4. Restart the Mac and see Mac won’t turn on issue is fixed.

Method 3: Try a Different Power Cable or Adapter

Sometimes faulty and damaged cables or adapters stop MacBook to open. Second, loose cables are also the reason for this problem. 

So, pulling it out and plugging it in again to solve the issue. 

If the cable is faulty or damaged then try a different one.

Method 4: Reset System Management Controller

System Management Controller is responsible for Mac problems. These include such as battery settings, display reactions, and power button functions.

Try the following technique to reset SMC…..

If your Macbook have Removable battery:

– Take out the battery of your Mac

– Now, press and hold the power button for few seconds

– Reinsert battery again and tap power on button again

In case, Macbook have no removable battery:

– Firstly, shut down your MacBook and plug in the power cord. 

– Press Shift-Control-Option

– After this press the power button and hold the keys for 10 seconds.

– Now, release the hold keys.

– Start your Mac by pressing the power. 

Method 5: Restart your Mac in Safe Mode

Try entering safe mode… 

– For safe mode, turn off or shut down your Mac

– Turn on Mac while holding Shift

– When the login menu displays, release Shift. 

I hope you will solve MacBook Pro won’t turn on or black screen with the help of these methods. In case, your Mac won’t load, feel free to ask experts.