5 Easy Way to Fix When Your Internet Won’t Connect

5 Easy Way to Fix When Your Internet Won’t Connect

Stuck with Internet Won’t connect issue?


Yellow triangle Appear over your internet connection icon, this indicates that you have “No Internet Access.” When these types of unpredictable situations happen or you completely fail to access the internet.

Then Go-ahead with this post and get a reliable solution for your issue.

Symptoms when Internet won’t Connect

– Can’t connect to a particular website

– Can’t access email

– Internet Connection appears slow

– No Internet connection

List of Some Facts that affect your Internet Speed

You must understand Common causes of Why Internet won’t connect:

1. Viruses and Malware Programs – Sometimes viruses and Malware infect your Computer applications including Web browsers. Due to these unwanted programs, your internet speed slows down. So, remove malicious programs  from your system to fix internet problems.

Viruses and Malware Programs

2. Incompatible System Programs – Compatibility issues come up when your system doesn’t meet specifications with software or programs. Due to incompatibility, you cannot be able to access your internet properly.

Incompatible System Programs

3. Insufficient Memory Space – Internet issues may arise when your Computer runs out of workable memory or insufficient memory. Even your internet seems to be slower. To resolve this problem, you need to free up storage of your device.

Insufficient Memory Space

4. Hard Disk Space – Lacking storage space of hard disk affects your internet speed ‘s performance and you won’t be able to load web pages. So, instantly remove all junk files, temporary files and cache to free up hard disk space.

5. Faulty Browsers – You might come across an internet problem when your browser becomes faulty. Disable add-ons one by one to fix problems. Try another browser to pinpoint your issue.

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Now, without any delay – Go ahead with Troubleshooting steps.

Resolve Internet Connection Won’t Work Problem: 

Solution 1: Check your WiFi Setting 

First you need to check the WiFi setting of your device. For this…

Go to Setting -> Network and Internet -> WiFi.

Ensure that your WiFi is turned on.

Also, Check Airplane Mode Setting. If Airplane mode is on then – it is the reason the internet is not accessible. So, turn off your Airplane mode and access your internet connection.

Check your WiFi Setting 

Solution 2: Check your Access Points 

Check the network cables if your Computer is wired to the Router.

If you suspect that cables are breaking or damaged then immediately try swapping them out to new one.

Solution 3: Restart the Router 

Sometimes, restarting process may help you to get rid of problems.

Without thinking twice, try to restart your router and get your internet connection back within one-step.

If you can’t access your connection or internet won’t connect with restarting trick then try the next trick.

Could your router be placed far from your device? So, move the router closer to your system and try to re-establish your connection again.

Solution 4: Check the WiFi Name and Password

Make sure your network name and password are accurate. In case, you typed the wrong detail then you encounter an internet problem on PC.

Check the WiFi Name and Password

Solution 5: Update Window 

Due to Outdated Window , you aren’t able to fetch internet connection properly. Try to update your Window to the latest version.

Update Window

Do this – 

Go to Windows Settings > > Update & Security > > Windows Update.

Now, Check for Updates. If any update is available then – update it instantly.

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