Prevent & Troubleshoot Internet Explorer Keeps Freezing/Crashing

Prevent & Troubleshoot Internet Explorer Keeps Freezing/Crashing

Do you often get an Internet Explorer keep freezing and crashing error?

This article will show you systematically what to do when Internet Explorer is constantly freezing and crashing on Windows.

Internet Explorer Freezing & Crashing issue on Windows

Continue with its solution how you can resolve Internet Explorer freezing!!!


Make sure, you are running the updated version of Internet Explorer. If not, then you might encounter IE freezing issue.

Various types of issues are resolved by only updating the software. Steps to stay up to date:

– Click on the Window start icon.

– Type “Internet Explorer” in Search bar.

– Now, select “internet Explorer” from the list.

– Click on gear (Setting) icon in the upper right corner of the screen & select “About Internet Explorer”.

– Check the box next to “install the new version automatically”.

– Click on close option.

Now, Internet Explorer will automatically stay up to date.

In case, your Computer keeps shut down while IE updating then read troubleshooting guide – Computer keeps randomly shut down

Disable Add-Ons

Usually, web browser add-ons enhance the capability of your browser. However, they take more time to load and thus affect the browser speed.

You don’t need to disable all add-ons, just disable those ads that you don’t want to use every day.

Disable add-ons on Internet Explorer:

– Open Windows Start button.

– Now, select Internet Explorer from the list

– Click on tool icon in the upper right corner of IE

– Select Manage  add-ons from the drop down list

– Right click on ads-ons and select “disable” option from the list.

– Click on Close button

– After doing these, restart your Internet Explorer.

Delete Internet History 

Corrupted Cache files and Internet history might be the reason IE freezes and crashes.

Then, delete cache files and Internet history to get rid of this issue.

To do that:

– Open Windows Start Menu -> Search “Internet Explorer” & Click on it.

– Now, press CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE keys together from the keyboard

– Tick on every file

– Lastly, click on the delete button to delete everything.

Reset Internet Explorer to Default Setting 

Sometimes, when you are updating Computer software, automatic System Settings changes may be the one reason Internet Explorer freezes.

For your convenience, here we explain the steps – how to reset Internet Explorer to default setting:

– First, open the Internet Explorer into your system.

– Click on tool option->>>>>> “internet option” from the drop down menu list.

– Go to advanced section

– Click on reset button to change IE to default settings

– Once the reset process is completed, restart your Internet Explorer.

Enable Software Rendering Mode

Main Key Points to enable software-rendering mode in Internet Explorer:

– Open the Internet Explorer and click on “Internet option” from the tool menu

– Now, go to advanced option

– Check “Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering” under Accelerated graphics

– Click on “Ok” button to confirm your decision

– Lastly, restart your PC to bring changes into effects.

Hope, by doing these solutions, you can get back your Internet Explorer with the best performance.

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