Instagram App Not Working or Loading Issue – Try Solutions

Instagram App Not Working or Loading Issue – Try Solutions

Instagram app not working give users unexpected trouble. 

But, some users have complained that Instagram is not loading, crashing instead not working. 

Mostly this bug can appear when you install or update your Instagram. This causes Instagram to stop working.

Don’t be upset; you have come to the right place for resolving Instagram keeps crashing or fails to respond. 

Let’s begin;

Reasons Why Instagram App Not Working Issue Happens

Instagram users reported why my Instagram is not working. There can be numerous reasons when your app stops loading or gives you error. 

List of few reasons……..Instagram stops working

First one the reason why your Instagram app is not working properly; Internal glitches from the social media Company.

Due to some storage issues on your Phone or Windows OS.

Connectivity problems on your Android smartphone or PC.

When the server is not working, you may face this problem.

Too many apps are open at the same time

Instagram app cache or other bugs

When your Instagram app is not up-to-date.

Symptoms For Instagram Has Stopped Working

Before any technical issue, every user might have noticed some unusual signs of Instagram not loading. Take a look at the possible symptoms….

– When you try to open Instagram but it doesn’t open or showing “Instagram has stopped” working. 

– This problem seems, when you are trying to like a post and like doesn’t get reflected over the post. 

– While posting multiple pictures on Instagram, you see issues of not uploading. 

– When you launch or download an Instagram app and refresh it. But, it doesn’t work properly. 

In case, your Phone have connectivity problem then go ahead guide My Phone keeps losing Network connection

Ways to Fix Instagram Keeps Crashing Problem

If the Instagram app not working on Windows or Phone, you should try out the following fixes to get back Instagram and running again. 

Most common and only way to fix the problem; uninstall and reinstall the App. 

Second, run the troubleshooter and reset the Instagram app to factory values. 

Let’s started;

Fix 1: Update your Phone’s OS

To resolve Instagram not working, update your Phone’s OS. Because of the outdated version, your Instagram app stopped running. 

To do that:

On your Android phone: Open Settings -> Click on About phone -> Tap on “System Update”. Check if any OS update is available and install them. 

During the Android OS update process, the battery doesn’t run out. 

Fix 2: Clear the Cache

Overloaded cache like temporary files may stop your application to be working. So, you need to clear the cache from your Instagram app. 

To clear the Instagram’s cache on your Phone:

Open Android phone Settings -> Apps and Notifications -> See all Apps -> Instagram -> Storage & Cache -> Tap on the “Clear Cache”. 

Fix 3: Force Close the App & Restart 

Try to force closing the app and restart it.  See how you can force stop the app:

Press and hold on Instagram app -> Tap on “App Info” -> Tap on “Force Stop” button. After then, launch Instagram by tapping on “Open”.

Fix 4: Update your Instagram App 

It is very important for you to update Instagram app if any update is available. If your app is an outdated version, you will  see no working problems. 

You can update Instagram app by opening Google play store on Android phone. Search “Instagram” in the search field on top bar and tap on the “Update” button.

Fix 5: Check Internet Connection

Sometimes internet connectivity causes problems. So, turn off and on your mobile data or WiFi which you are using. Then open Instagram app. 

Fix 6: Reset the Instagram App to Factory Values

Still, your Instagram app not working, you should reset the app to factory values. 

  • Open Settings on your Phone or Windows.
  • Choose Apps -> Apps and Features -> Instagram -> Advanced Options
  • Scroll down and click on the Reset button. 

Once you reset, it clears all the stored cache.

Fix 7: Uninstall and Reinstall the App 

To fix the problem, uninstall Instagram ‘s older version app and install the new one. 

Open Phone’s Settings -> Apps or Apps Permissions -> Search ‘Instagram’ -> Tap on it.

You have two options Force Stop or Uninstall. You need to hit the “Uninstall” button.

Your app will be uninstalled from your phone. Download it again from Google play store

Fix 8: Try to Use Instagram Web Version 

Overall solution beside above, use Instagram web version on Android phone. Open your default browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox etc. 

Type Instagram, open Instagram and login with your credentials. 

Further more information, feel free to contact the support team to get assistance.