HP Printer Offline Windows 10,7 – Get Back Offline to Online

HP Printer Offline Windows 10,7 – Get Back Offline to Online

Message pop-up “HP Printer Offline” when you are trying to print something in the Windows OS and it is not printing, the problem might be  that your printer is not online.

HP printer keep going offline on Windows is a most common issue. One question arises, what to do to resolve Printer offline problems.

First off, check the Printer and network connection and  make sure your HP printer is turned on. 

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Causes: Why HP Printer Go Offline?

There can be plenty of reasons why Windows may not detect printer connected to the network or Computer. 

List of causes that display printer offline error:

– Due to incorrect printer configuration 

– When your HP printer is not connected properly.

– Printer not set as a default.

– Printer goes offline due to poor network

– Might be a problem with your printer driver or software.

– Due to an unstable dynamic IP address

– Power or cabling related issues

Signs of HP Printer Offline Error

Now, know immediately about printer offline in Windows 10/8/7 – see the following list of symptoms.

1. Print error message

2. Incorrect printout

3. Stuck print job

4. Printer not responding

Most Common HP Printing Issues

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Get Back HP Printer Offline to Online

Whether printer offline status displays on the Computer or the machine does not print, resolve this issue with one of the suggested troubleshooting steps below.

Case 1: Check Connection Both of Device

Double cross check your printer’s connection with your Computer. Also, Check the network cable that is connected from your printer to Router. 

Also, check the USB cable from your Printer to PC/Laptop/Computer. 

Case 2: Restart Your Printer 

In Most cases, your connection is working but printer show offline message. So, try to restart your printer. 

By restarting, your model also reboot and helps your printer to pick up the connection. 

Solutions 3: Clear All the Print Jobs

To fix printer offline problems, try to clear all your print jobs by pressing “Cancel all documents”. By doing this, clear the printing queue and allow you to restart the model.

Solution 4: Manually Set the Default Printer

Make sure the default printer driver matches with your HP printer.

In Windows 10 (Set Default Printer)

– Search Windows for devices -> click Printers & scanners from the list. 

– Unchecked the box, if you find it is checked; beside Let Windows manage my default printer.

– Next, choose your printer or name from  the list -> click Manage. 

– Select the printer that has a status of idle or online.

– Under Manage your device -> Click Set as default.

– After set as default, try to print if the problem is resolved.

Solution 5: Check your Printer Offline Mode

If your printer offline problem persists then verify that your Printer is not Printer offline mode. 

For that: 

Windows Start -> Settings -> Devices -> Printer & Scanners -> Select your Printer -> Open queue.

Under Printer -> See “Use Printer Offline” is not selected. 

Try This – To Get your Printer Back Online

1. Turn off HP printer, unplug the power cord from the printer.

2. Also, turn off the Computer.

3. Wait 30 seconds and turn on Computer. 

4. Plug the printer power cord back into your HP printer and turn on. 

5. Now, check the functionality of the Printer. 

If these steps don’t help to get your printer offline to online then feel free ask experts for further troubleshooting guidance.

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