Download Reolink App Windows | Reolink Setup, Client Login

Download Reolink App Windows | Reolink Setup, Client Login

Looking procedure on Download Reolink app on Windows? 

Don’t be hesitate; 

Keep reading this guide that will provide detailed information about the setup Reolink app for Windows, installation procedure and how to login to start the Reolink security camera app.

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About Reolink Security Camera App For Download

Security Camera App: Reolink 

Operating System/Platforms: Windows, MAC, Android

Size: 42 MB

Enough free disk storage

2 GB memory or RAM

Stable internet connection

How to Download Reolink App For Windows?

Check out methods for Reolink app download…

Method 1: Through Official Website (Reolink App Download)

You can download Reolink app for PC directly from Reolink’s official site. 

1. Go to Reolink official website.

2. Next, scroll down and click on “Download for Windows”.

3. Further, you will see two options i.e. 32-bit & 64-bit. You have to choose one option that your PC supports.

4. Select location or destination for downloading Reolink zip file and save it.

5. When download is completed, explore the Reolink zip file.

6. For installing, double click on download file. The Reolink client setup pop-up appears.

7. Next, Click on the “Yes” button.

8. Then, Reolink Client Setup wizard appears. Click Next, button.

9. Further, click the “Browse” button to select destination location.

10. If you want to create an icon on the desktop, check “Create a desktop icon”. Click ‘Next’.

11. Lastly, click the “Install” button. 

Method 2: Using Emulator

For downloading and installing the Reolink app on Windows PC 10, 8, 7, you need an Emulator. 

1. Firstly, download Bluestacks on your PC/Computer.

2. Once downloaded, install it by following on-screen instructions.

3. Open Bluestacks by double click and choose the Language of your choice.

4. Create login credentials to login software.

5. Go to app store and search for the Reolink App.

6. Click on “Download Reolink App”.

7. Install the Reolink app on the Bluestacks.

8. After installing, open Reolink app

9. Now, add the IP Camera by entering the device details on the app.

10. After entering details, you can get live views on Reolink for Windows OS.

Connect my Reolink Camera to WiFi

For connecting the Reolink camera to WiFi, check out below steps….


– Reolink battery-powered cameras. 

– Open Reolink app and login to battery-powered camera.

– Go to Settings -> Network Page.

– Select the SSID, which camera you want to connect.

– Enter the password, click the save button to save the settings.

In case, you find WiFi connection keeps dropping on Reolink security camera then figure out some key points such as:

– Check the antennas of the camera are loose. 

– When your camera is too far from the Router.

– Due to interference of other devices. 

How Do I Login into My Reolink Camera?

After downloading the Reolink app, you need to login for remotely accessing Reolink security cameras via a Web browser. 

For login, you need credentials i.e. username and password of your device. (Reolink default username “admin” and default password is blank.)

Check out steps,,,,

1. First off, find the IP address of your security cameras. In case, you don’t know the IP address then check the IP address of your device via Reolink Client app.

2. Now, login to your Router and forward ports for your Cameras.

3. To view security cameras live, input the URL into the web browser and login.

Most of the time, security cameras go offline and you find trouble while connecting. Then, we also have solutions for this problem. Go ahead…

Reolink Camera Offline – Get Back Online 

Sometimes Reolink cameras may lose connection with servers or the internet. If this happen, try the following steps:-

– First off, unplug the security camera from the power outlet and plug it back in. Wait for a few minutes for the camera to restart.

– If still Reolink camera offline, the problem may be with your network. In this situation, you should reset your Router or Modem.

– Factory reset of your security camera. You need to setup again Reolink camera or app with the following step by step instructions.

Take a troubleshooting guidance related Router problems such as

Router WiFi Authentication Problem (Windows & Android)

Wireless Router Stopped Responding – Troubleshooting 

After this, you face the same problem: contact an Internet service provider or technician that may help you to download Reolink app and setup a security camera with complete guidance.