Dealing With Running Slow Computer Problem – How to Speed Up?

Dealing With Running Slow Computer Problem – How to Speed Up?

Are you struggling with running Slow Computer problem?


My PC is so unresponsive and slow it’s unusable!!

There are several reasons when your Computer could be acting sluggishly. Here, we have compiled the most common reasons & solutions that help to improve Computer speed.

Why Is My Computer Running Slow? 

There is huge number of things that may be reducing your Computer’s performance including:

– Running Out of RAM

– Running Out of Disk drive Space

– Outdated Hard Drive

– Running several Program in Background of your system

– Lots of Start-up programs

– Failing Behind on Window and driver updates

– Viruses and malware

– Special effects and visual Features

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Now, come to the Main point – Solutions

Computer Running Extremely Slow – Speed It Up 

After getting to know the causes, now it is time to understand its solutions how you can speed up Computer performance….!!!

Restart your System

Most of the time, several programs running in the background at same time into your PC system, if it is not ended then – your Computer system may slow down.

The Solution- 

Close all programs and files, restart your Computer again. Any time software installation and any upgrade asks you either to restart now or restart later. Always choose to restart your PC at that time.

Several Active Programs or Browser Tabs 

Every open tab and programs takes up a certain amount of space in your RAM. If you are running lots of processes at the same time it means you are reducing the memory and processing power of your Computer.

The Solution- 

Only open those tabs on your browser, which you are using. If you would like to save web pages for future reference then – bookmark them and close the tab.

Free Up Hard Drive

If your hard drive is full, at least 85% then it can reduce the Processing speed of your system. Mainly hard drive filled by programs, updates to applications, downloads files of deleted programs, and temporary files.

Delete unnecessary  files and temporary data from your system and increase processing speed of your system.

To free up your hard drive of your system: 

– Open Window Start button -> Control Panel-> System and Security -> then click Free up Disk Space in the Administrative Tools.

– Now, choose the drive you want to clean up from the drop-down list and click on the “OK” button.

– Next, select the additional files from the list to delete by clicking next to them.

– Click on the “OK” button to delete the additional files.

– Finally, tap on the close button.

Remove Virus and Malware Software 

Check virus and malware into your system, if any virus and malware present then this is the main cause of Computers running slow.

The Solution- 

Detect Virus and malware from your Computer with the help of scanner tool and immediately remove them.

In case, if you don’t have any antivirus software then download verified and recognized anti- virus software from a reliable source.

Use a download tool to make your system virus free.

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