My Computer Randomly keep Shut Down – Easy Ways to Fix

My Computer Randomly keep Shut Down – Easy Ways to Fix

At times the user faces an issue that the “My Computer randomly keep shut down”. The whole data is lost when the system shuts down instantly and the user needs to recover it.

To overcome this issue completely, read this post until the last step.

What Includes in this Post –

– Test with a Different Power supply

– Turn off Fast start-up

– Update your Motherboard drivers

– Check if the system overheating

– Remove Malware and viruses from your system

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Reasons and Solution of Computer Randomly keep Shut Down

Method 1- Test with a Different Power supply 

After the Computer Shutting down, if you can’t get it right back on then, there may be a power problem with the power supply.

To check, try another different power supply, and see if the problem is resolved.

Method 2- Turn off Fast start-up Windows 10 

Check out below steps to turn off fast start-up:

– Navigate to the Computer Start icon

– Further,  go to the Control panel from the right hand side.

– Go to right pane of the screen -> View by (Category) -> Select Large icon

– Select “Power Options” from the list.

– From the left hand side, choose what the power buttons do

– Further, click on “Changes Setting that are Currently Unavailable.”

– Unchecked the “Turn on fast start-up” option.

– Apply save changes.

Method 3- Update your Motherboard Drivers

Mostly,  users forget to update their Computer drivers and using Outdated motherboard drivers. For the better result, update your Motherboard Drivers and get rid of this issue.

Steps to update motherboard drivers:

1. First, go to the official website of motherboard manufacturer and search for your motherboard model.

2. Second, go to download page for motherboard drivers, and download the latest version of drivers.

3. In Last, open the downloaded file and follow the on screen instruction to start installation.

Method 4- Check if the System Overheating 

Overheating is the main cause of Computer shutting down instantly. To avoid system overheating, follow these steps:

1. Keep your system out of hot zone

2. Get air circulating around your Computer system

3. Never ever place your system close against the wall

4. Do not expose your system direct to sunlight

5. Don’t choose your Computer system in humid condition

6. Clean your system fan that provide cooling to your CPU and protect system to overheating

Method – 5 Remove Malware and Viruses from your Computer

Malware and viruses is the reason for shutting down your computer system without warning. Remove the virus’s related file from your computer.

Focus on below key points to remove viruses:

– Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE keys together to open the task manager application.

– Once task manager application is open, click on the process tab.

– Now, check each running process listed in the Window.

– If you find any virus related process in the list, you should click on it and click the “End task” option to stop it from infecting your Computer.

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