How to Tackle Charging Errors on iRobot Roomba Vacuum ?

How to Tackle Charging Errors on iRobot Roomba Vacuum ?

Are you frustrated with different charging errors on iRobot Roomba Vacuum?

There are certain types of charging errors that occur in the Roomba Vacuum and affect its functionality.

With the implementation of simple troubleshooting steps, you can solve the charging issue by yourself.

Just Identify and understand the problem carefully……!!!!

List of Reasons & Solution of Charging Errors on Roomba Vacuum

Let’s instant look at its reasons and solutions…

Blink or Charging Error 1: 

iRobot Roomba charging error also known as Blink error. Charging error 1 occurs due to battery not being connected properly.


– First, remove the battery and try to reinstall again to resolve the issue.

– If you purchased a new battery then don’t forget to match specification with the old one.

– Ensure that, battery and robot are connected with each other with proper manners.

Charging Error 2: 

Roomba Vacuum charging Error 2 might come across due to heating effect. Alternatively, if your Roomba battery is too much heated then it requires cool down.


– Plug out your device until it is not cool down.

– Place your charger always in the cool atmosphere so that it does not heat in future.

– Do not charge your device all time, charging your device only that time when the battery of your device is low.

Charging Error 3:

Mainly, Charging error 3 encounters in Roomba, when the device iRobot is not working properly.


– The charging error 3 is that kind of error can be only resolved through soft resetting of Roomba.

– When error 3 comes across then, reset or recharge it to sufficient level before starting using it.

Charging Error 5 on iRobot Roomba Vacuum: 

Roomba charging error 5 mean i.e. Charging current too low. Because of this, you got charging errors on iRobot Roomba Vacuum.


– Primarily, removing pull-tab completely from the device and resetting the unit.

– Charge it until you find the green light blinking corresponding to the ‘Clean’ option.

Charging Error 6:

If your Roomba device overheated then charging error 6 prompt. Don’t ignore this or don’t take it lenient because when your device is overheated then, it will be completely breakdown in future due to heating issues.


– To resolve this issue, just keep your device off for some time.

– Keep your device at cool environment

– If the device is overheating then, remove the battery from your device and place it in a cool place.

Charging Error 7:

Charging error 7 prompt when The battery is temperature at charging is incorrect or if the battery is not cooling off perfectly.


– Ensure that Roomba is being charged at room temperature, do not charge Roomba at excessively hot or cold environments.

– Hope so, your Roomba is not charged near a heating vent, baseboard heater, or radiator.

Blink or Charging Error 8: 

Charging error 8 indicates that the battery is not charging or Roomba cannot communicate with the lithium ion battery.

Maybe the battery is defective or just needs replacement.

Charging errors can occur with counterfeit batteries.

Checkout few key points:- 

– Make sure you are using an authentic iRobot® battery.

– Ensure that Roomba is being charged at room temperature.

If the problem persists, then feel free to take troubleshooting guidance from the support team.

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