Black Screen Issue on Windows 10 – Ultimate Solutions

Black Screen Issue on Windows 10 – Ultimate Solutions

Getting “BLACK SCREEN ISSUE ON WINDOWS 10” while booting the Computer/PC?

One of the most irritating problem, this may happen due to the installation process of Windows 10 or just after the setup process is completed. 

When this error occurs, you won’t even see an error code or message printed on the screen to get a hint.

So, take an instant look at this blog that is meant for you to solve blank screen problems. 

Now, let’s begin with the indications…!!!

Indication of Desktop Blank Screen Error on Window 10

– PC does not work, just show a black screen

– Overheat your system

– A cursor also stop working

Possible Causes of a Black Screen Could be:

Seeing black screen on Windows? There could be possible causes that lead to this problem….

– When your Windows update went wrong.

– Due to a graphics card driver problem.

– Any hardware defect causes blank screen problems.

– Sometimes loose cable in your PC or laptop lead problem.

– Connection issues between your PC and Monitor

– A problematic startup application or driver that runs automatically.

Solutions for a Black Screen Error – Problem Solved 

Let’s focus on its solutions to how you can figure out black screen issue on Windows 10.

Solutions 1- Restart your PC 

Most of the problems could be solved by restarting. So, first off, try to restart your Windows system. 

Do these steps: 

– Go to the Window start button and click on it. 

– Now, select the shutdown option from the right pane of the list. 

– Choose the restart option from the drop down list.

Solution 2- Go to Safe Mode (Windows 10 Screen Goes Black)

In case, you have encountered this error while installing a program into your Computer. 

I recommend you just boot your Computer to safe mode to uninstall the recent install program.

Follow the below steps: 

– Primarily, press F8 key or shift + F8 keys together to get the Window start menu and select safe mode option from the drop down list.

– Once you click on advance option, you will have option name is troubleshooting, just click on it. 

– Further, click on advance option then go to start up option and at last, restart.

– Next, hit on option to enable Safe Mode to start safe mode on Windows.

– Now it’s time to boot your PC in safe mode, hold Windows + X to have the option name as Device Manager and hit on it.

– Last, go to Display Adapters and then right tap on the device and lastly hit on Disable option.

Solution 3 – Update Outdated Drivers 

If you are using outdated drivers then Black screen error on Window 10 might arise. So, an ultimate solution to this problem is you just have to update the driver and resolve your issue within possible time. 

Update all the drivers of your system:

1. Open the Device Manager by clicking on the Start Menu. Type Device Manager into the search box and click on it. 

2. Choose display adapter, right click on display manager, and click on update driver option.

Solution 4 – Disable Hardware Acceleration 

Usually, Google Chrome uses hardware Acceleration for better performance. However, sometimes your hardware acceleration does not compromise with your requirements. Hence, you may see black screens error. 

In this case, try disabling hardware acceleration from the Chrome Settings. Open your Google Chrome Settings page>>>>>>>> after that, click on the Advanced button to expand more options >>>>>>>>>>> click on “Use hardware acceleration when available” option and disable it.

Solution 5- Disable the Browser Extensions 

Extensions can cause the black screen problem. Most of the time, you have installed new extensions on your Google Chrome and you are getting the Black screen. Just disable all extensions from Google chrome and check your issue resolved or not. 

If it is resolved then, enable one by one and check out the culprit. After finding, you can either reinstall or delete it permanently. 

Hence, you can rectify black screen issues on Windows 10 with ease way.

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