About us

desktopsoft-hub.com is an autonomous and online self-help guides service for each and every problem like Computer, Laptop, software, hardware, emails, Windows, security, Internet, Router,smart home and more. Serving millions of users across the US and Canada – the company has built a huge customer base with their quality and independent support.

Reaching clients through different mediums like Phone, message, live chat, and request callback- we have always helped our customers get the seamless product. For tougher issues or immediate help, we have also added remote service for all our subscribed members. Within these service, the user can easily sit back and watch the virtual assistant fix the issue using your laptop or Computer. Most importantly, our technicians will always be with you unless your problem is resolved.

Heading onto the troubleshooting, we have an exclusive certified team that deals in all types of software/hardware issues. These include software setup & install, drivers download, firmware update, network or server connectivity, and other errors.  However, the list doesn’t stop here as there are a lot more  issues that you can ask help for at any time. In simple words, we resolve all issues  irrespective of the machine brand that you’re using.

With completely professional and highly-satisfied services, we assure you that at no point- you’ll feel upset as we have a great track record of resolving issues with relevant solutions.

 Core values, Some of these include:

  • 24*7 Support at your door
  • Quick and Efficient Reply
  • Certified, Honest, and Dedicated Technicians  
  • Complete Computer Clean-up